Recruitment of Quality Respondents.

We boast a nationwide (continually expanding) first party panel of over 25,000 active participants covering all nature of industries. Our panel is very much focused on qualitative research and we are particularly proud of our business and medical participants but also of and it’s ability to produce a wide range of quality participants.

Our panel is managed in accordance with guidelines established by ESOMAR (European Society for Opinion and Marketing Research) and RANZ Research Association of New Zealand, with our database management software being ISO certified (ISO20252 – Market, Opinion, and Social Research).

Typical recruitment is done by relatively short quantitative surveys to invited pre-screened participants. Those that qualify and are interested are ALWAYS contacted individually by phone to confirm further details and ensure participation.

Superior Service

As part of our recruitment service we:

– Develop or assist with a screening questionnaire before formal recruitment commences
– Provide a 1 person contact (with at least one backup) for consistent management
– Provide continual recruitment updates as and when required
– Homework follow up – if required
– Commit to doing our level best to ensure participant attendance including re-confirmation phone call the day prior and reminder text on the day – where possible.
– Liaise with your chosen venue (if not at Prime).
– Absolutely anything else we (you) can think of that would help make your project a success.

Additional services

Other services that we offer as part of our day to day operations:
Client database management
On-going panel management
Use of our In-House App for direct exclusive confidential communication to individuals or wider groups – (by invitation only)