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Companies value your opinions so much, they pay you for it!

Your opinions are valuable to companies who make the kind of products and services you use every day.

They want to know your opinions on how to make their products and services better through focus group and sensory/product testing. And when you take part, we’ll pay you in cash or vouchers for your time!

Joining the Prime Research Panel is easy, and absolutely free. Simply answer questions about yourself. This information is used to help match you with research projects.

Your privacy is guaranteed. Joining is exclusive to New Zealand

More questions contact us on (09) 523-4500

How it works

  • Click join the panel it’s free and exclusive to New Zealanders (residents and citizens).
  • Tell us about yourself in our online joining questionnaire. This information is used to find research that may apply to you – your privacy is guaranteed! view privacy policy
  • Wait for a Prime Research recruiter to call you or an e-mail informing you of research that you can participate in, if you qualify.
  • Attend the focus group or sensory/product testing which run nationwide, and share your opinions
  • Get paid in cash or vouchers for your time! (from $30 to as much as $100)

So join us to give your opinions on products and services and get paid for your time.

Please note: Focus groups are designed to collect your feedback. Prime Research will never attempt to sell you anything before, during or after the group. Your personal information will be kept confidential. Read our privacy policy.

More questions contact us on (09) 523-4500