What is it?

A version of NPS (Net Promotor Score) that we think gives an incredible bang to buck. The main point of difference is we talk to participants. We ask a brief number of specific pointed questions delving deeper where appropriate.


We know customer feedback is important and you might get the “What” but like statistics, it’s the “Why” that’s the key. If you currently send email Surveys what is your cut-through rate? Or worse, are your valued clients left frustrated when their experience (good or bad) wasn’t touched on.


Being an independent research-based company, we can assure your clients of complete anonymity. Your customers can speak absolutely honestly without fear of offence. Whilst it is anonymized, the feedback you get will be honest, and direct from your customers.

“Just thought I would let you know – in just 12 months based on the information we received from your team, we have a new top selling product”.
Sarah – Auckland

Isn’t a phone call disruptive?

The calls can be as long or as short as your client wants. They always have the option not to take part (anonymous as well), and we can always schedule a call to a time that suits.
If anything, we find people are flattered that you really care – much more than a quick on-line survey, and as your customer, any improvements you make could well be of benefit to them

What can we ask?

Anything (within reason) from the performance of sales people as part of an HR review through to product delivery. We realise your clients are busy, so whilst the topics are directed by your brief, the length of discussion is driven by them and their experience with you / your company. Often, we include a “rating” that you can use as an ongoing gauge.

PLEASE NOTE: FEEDBACK is not intended as a substitute for full market research. It is designed to give a relatively quick, honest look at the whole, or part of your business and get answers that may not always be that forthcoming. Perhaps a precursor to something greater. If you would like to know more about companies that can offer more in that regard please feel free to contact us – we’ll do our best to point you in the right direction.

“Absolute Gold!!! Some stuff there that we had no idea was going on. Please pass on my appreciation to your team”.
Jack – Melbourne

The Process

  1. You brief us on what you are looking to achieve with the research. If you have some specific (open) questions you would like to ask, then great.  If not, we can suggest some.  They can be as general or as specific as you would like but bear in mind we have limited time (whilst the actual conversations may take significantly longer – driven by your “target”, we will indicate up front that we will only take 5-10 minutes of participants time).
  2. You provide us with a list (including email addresses and contact numbers of the appropriate “clients” that you want included.
  3. Using that same list, you send a group email (we will provide you with an introductory message) to all potential participants. It is important that this email comes from yourself or an appropriate senior person in your company, and that we are copied in.    The email should be address to the composer, CC’d to us, with all potential participants Bcc’d so their details remain confidential. The email will include a cut-off date (as agreed – 2-3 days) for them to advise us if they do not want to participate.  Following the cut-off date, we will commence contacting and questioning per the list.
  4. Once completed (timing will depend upon how easily we are able to contact participants) we will collate and provide the results. Please note the results are intended to convey participants responses to your questions – not interpret or judge in any way.

Your process is now embedded as part of our Team performance review process”.
Paul – Auckland

Interested?  Get in touch – send us an email or give us a call.  We’d love to talk!