About Us

Hi.  My name is Todd Eglinton, I’m the Managing Director of Prime Research, and this is my best / only chance to wax lyrical about myself! Farmer’s son from the Wairarapa, boarding school in Wellington, or marketing degrees from Otago. A few years corporate life in NZ (Fonterra / Shell Oil), interspersed with 4 years of incredible OE mainly in London and stints at some awe-inspiring businesses.
Lived in Auckland for quite some time and spent a fair amount of time (18 odd years) building up (and selling) a trade services company. During that time managing to get married and producing 3 (most of the time) darling daughters.
I could delve into all that but I won’t because, whilst I’m never far away in the background and might authorise a few payments, Prime Research isn’t about me. It’s about a fantastic team of 6 permanent, 3 part time, and around 12 contracted staff, a very well-connected database, and a burning desire by all involved to make each and every project we are involved in a success.

Please feel to get in touch if you think we can help – I’d love to hear from you.  Todd Eglinton  todd@primeresearch.co.nz

What we do

If you want to hold (or take part in) qualitative or sensory research then you’ve come to the right place.

Since as far back as 1996 Prime Research has been supplying the Market Research industry with the right people. Recruitment and technology have changed massively over the intervening years but the requirements of needing good people for research and the principles of finding them haven’t.

We boast New Zealand’s largest independent Qualitative / Sensory panel, supplemented by a variety of different methods to make sure the information you want comes from people in a position to provide it.

Our team of account managers and recruiters are highly experienced and regularly handle assignments big or small. We are well accustomed to finding the people or a volume of people that others simply can’t.

Along with supplying participants, and Database / Panel management, Prime is a fully fledged research facility offering a choice of four purpose built research rooms – equipped with adjacent viewing rooms, one-way viewing mirrors, and a variety of recording and streaming options.

We are here to help – if you need anything that will help make your research project a success, we are all ears.

We are a proud member of the Research Association of New Zealand