We provide consumer and business recruitment, as well as specialised medical recruitment for: interviews; user testing; focus groups; workshops; accompanied shops/safaris; world cafe; paired, affinity or triad depths; sensory trials; online forums and bulletin boards etc.

Prime is not only committed to providing the right people, at the right time, to the right place but the priority is the overall success of projects.

Prime prides itself on not only great client service but also close client-recruitment-respondent communication. With our depth of knowledge in the industry we are able to understand recruitment needs and objectives with confidence.

Prime Research’s panel is New Zealand wide and managed in accordance with protocols set by ESOMAR and Research Association New Zealand.

Prime has an established market research panel designed for qualitative/sensory research which is updated and continually added to, and combined with our proven recruitment processes, contributes to our high attendance rate.

Prime has developed proven and reliable methods of screening and recruiting qualified participants, meeting quotas set by our clients.

Respondents, time permitting, are sent a confirmation email/letter and a map and this is backed up by a reminder call before the scheduled focus group or depth interview.