What it is:

Way back in 1597 Sir Francis Bacon coined the age-old statement:  Knowledge is power.  It was true back then and it remains true today.

The trick is, in today’s jam packed environment, is not only getting that knowledge, but making sure it’s accurate and timely. As a business owner it may well be that nobody knows your customers or your market like you do.  But how long ago did you talk to your customers or your staff knowing that they weren’t just providing you with a polite reply.

Without exception, all the world’s largest and most successful companies have a proven track record in product, market, and staff research.  You may not have the resources of the world’s largest companies but the information is no less valuable.

You may have made the time and tried getting the information yourself but are you certain you weren’t just provided with a polite response?

On line surveys are a great tool and have their place but, ask yourself, will the people you really want to hear from do a cold, on-line survey?

We love technology, but we also recognize that people deal with people.  A good old fashioned phone call is often still the best way to not only show your customers you care, but finding out if they do as well.

We know it works, and we’ve tried to make it as easy and as cost effective as we can, so you can not only get on with making those decisions, but sleep better knowing.

The small print:  Please note this is in no way meant to substitute for full market research.  It is designed to provide a relatively quick, honest look at your business and get answers not always that forthcoming. Perhaps a precursor to something greater.  If you would like to know more about companies that can offer more in that regard please feel free to contact us – we’ll do our best to point you in the right direction.

FEEDBACK Process Introduction

Congratulations on the first step towards understanding your customers.

To enable the project to work as smoothly as possible, the following is an outline of the steps from here:

  1. You provide us with a very brief outline of what you are looking to achieve with the research. This may have already been done at quoting.
  1. You provide us with a list of (ideally open but closed may be appropriate) questions that you would like to know. Bear in mind whilst the actual conversations may take significantly longer (driven by them) we will indicate up front that we will only take 5-10 minutes of participants time. The actual will depend on the length of the responses or amount we have to dig hto achieve an appropriate response.

The wording doesn’t need to be perfect – we will discuss with you anything we feel may not get you the answers you need.  Please feel free to ask if you would like some assistance or ideas with the questions.

  1. We will provide you with a suggested introductory message for incorporation in an email to the target customers. It is important that this email comes from an appropriate senior person in your company, and that we are copied in.    The email will include a cut-off date (as agreed – 2-3 days) for them to advise us if they do not want to participate.  Remember to send the email to participants as Bcc so their confidentiality remains intact.
  1. You provide us with a list of the (best) contact phone number of the prospective participants – it will depend on your project but as a rule of thumb, an additional 20% of candidates covers non-participants or people we are unable to contact.
  1. Following the cut-off date, we will commence contacting and questioning per the list.
  1. Once completed (timing will depend upon how easily we are able to contact participants) we will collate and provide the results. Please note the results are intended to convey participants responses to your questions – not interpret or judge in any way.